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About Us

Rabbi Yisroel Treitel was born and raised in Montreal, QC. He received his education in Montreal, QC, Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, and Morristown, NJ and achieved rabbinic ordination in 2016. His experience in youth and adult education and community work includes programs in Israel, Brazil and New York. 

Shternie grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where her parents serve as directors of The Shluchim Office, the international center for Chabad rabbis and their families. After graduating from Beth Chana Teachers Seminary, Shternie dedicated herself to Jewish community service in Israel, Plano, TX and Solon, OH. Her passion for teaching and leading led her on a four year career at the Nigri International Jewish Online School.

Rabbi Yisroel and Shternie married in Florida in 2017, and have a son, Mendel.

After visiting Renton in 2017, Rabbi Yisroel and Shternie decided to dedicate their lives to others, and in 2018 established the Chabad Jewish Center of Renton, the first and only Jewish presence in the city.

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Our inspiration

The Rebbe

Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

of righteous memory

The Rebbe's inclusive vision,
unconditional love of humanity, leadership and dedication,
are the inspiration and guiding light for the Chabad Jewish Center of Renton.